Online Activities for Autistic Children, Students with Learning Disabilities & Other Special Needs Kids

Our children love KidZui. We have a large family of twelve, with five high-needs adopted children. Even the two-year-old goes onto KidZui and it definitely helps. I do not worry when the children use KidZui to search on the internet and they love it.


KidZui is a Web browser and search engine designed for kids ages 3-12 with over 2 million websites, games, videos and pictures. All content on KidZui has been carefully selected by parents and teachers to ensure that it‘s safe and appropriate for kids.

Though KidZui wasn‘t specifically designed for special needs children, many parents have reported that it is a helpful teaching tool for students with learning disabilities, children with ADHD, autistic children and other special needs kids.

We invite you to download KidZui free of charge to see if it works for your special needs child. If you find it to be a helpful resource for your family, consider becoming a KidZui member to access even more great features.

Resources for Special Needs Kids

My 3-year-old grandson, who has a hearing impairment, LOVES being on the computer. When I discovered your browser it was wonderful for both of us. There is a lot of visual stimulation and he can choose the places he enjoys going without a lot of my help… Thank you for such a wonderful browser for children. I recommend it to all parents and also those with disabilities.


KidZui has a number of features that can benefit families with special needs kids. While some kids may need direct help from parents, many will be able to use KidZui on their own – encouraging independent learning and discovery.

Smart for Parents:

  • With KidZui‘s Parent Account, parents can see a report of everything their kids do online. KidZui membership provides access to even more detailed reports.
  • Kids can learn valuable computer skills while using KidZui. There are even games to improve their typing and mouse control.
  • KidZui members can access Homework Helper, a resource designed to help kids complete school assignments on their own. This feature was designed by teachers and is organized by school curriculum.

Fun for Kids:

  • Special needs kids can look up topics that interest them with KidZui‘s kid-friendly search feature. The search bar provides spelling suggestions and displays results with colorful graphics.
  • Zui Games is packed with fun and educational games for kids. There are sports games, racing games, games for girls, puzzles and more.
  • Kids can express themselves by customizing their own online avatar, called a Zui, and selecting a background that matches their interests. They can change their Zui and background at any time.
  • Kids can tag websites, videos, photos and games to tell other kids what‘s cool. They can also share content with parent-approved friends.

Teaching Tool for Students with Learning Disabilities & ADHD

KidZui has opened up a whole new world for my son. My son struggles to keep up with children his age due to some learning disabilities and KidZui gets him interested it learning. If he has a question he can look it up himself.


KidZui can serve as a valuable teaching tool for students with learning disabilities or ADHD because it provides an interactive way for kids to learn at their own pace.

  • Kids with learning disabilities can play games, watch videos or visit websites to supplement what they are learning in school.
  • Homework Helper, available to KidZui members, can be a useful tool for teaching students with learning disabilities such as dyslexia, dyscalculia or dysgraphia.
  • The wide range of "educational snacks" available through KidZui can help kids with ADHD become engaged in learning.
  • Gaining computer skills and learning how to find information online can help kids with learning disabilities and ADHD become self-sufficient adults.

Activities and Resources for Teaching Autistic Children

KidZui‘s online activities may also be valuable teaching tools for autistic children.

Familiar, Consistent Online Environment

  • Kids‘ top websites and channels can be saved as "favorites" so they can return to the same activities again and again. For autistic children, visiting familiar websites may provide a feeling of comfort and consistency.
  • Kids can create a character called a Zui that they will see every time they log on. They can also select a personal background that matches their interests. No matter what websites they visit on KidZui, their Zui and background will always be visible.
  • While the Internet is vast and filled with all types of content, KidZui only includes access to pre-approved games, videos, websites and pictures. This makes it a safe place for autistic kids to learn and play.

Lots of Graphics, Minimal Text

  • Every website, video and game on KidZui is represented by a colorful graphic. These graphics may be appealing to kids with autism, who tend to respond better to images than text.

Autistic Kids can Improve Computer Skills

  • Since KidZui is fun to explore, it can provide a good platform for teaching autistic children how to effectively use a mouse and keyboard. Kids‘ motor skills may improve as a result.

Download KidZui today to check out all the features available for kids and parents. With over 2 million websites and activities, KidZui may be a useful teaching tool for autistic children, students with learning disabilities and other special needs kids.

The Internet For Kids

If you‘re looking for an online teaching tool for autistic children, students with learning disabilities or other special needs kids, check out the resources available on KidZui.

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