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Click Essentials: Safe online surfing for children
BBC, 10.6.10


KidZui’s Newest Browser For Kids Is All About Sharing
TechCrunch, 11.18.09
By Robin Wauters


Kid-friendly sites screen videos for inappropriate material, 08.17.09
By John D. Sutter


Kid-friendly sites screen videos for inappropriate material
USA Today, 08.13.09
By Edward C. Bai


Babysitting Tools
KTLA, 08.13.08
By Kurt the CyberGuy


Editor's Choice - Web Sites
Common Sense Media, 06.12.08
By Liz Perle


Keeping Children Safe on the Internet
Today Show, 06.04.08


KidZui finds good stuff for youngsters
Houston Chronicle, 04.14.08
By Anne Reeks


Safer surfing for the kids
The Financial Times Limited 2008, 03.28.08
By Paul Taylor


Parents get Web browser peace of mind with KidZui
The Tech Herald, 03.20.08
By Stevie Smith


KidZui Browser: A Youngster’s Perspective
Mashable, 03.20.08
By Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins


Quest for kid-safe surfing yields new Web browser
Union Tribune, 03.20.08
By Diane Bell


Youth-themed Web Battle Heating Up
New York Post, 03.20.08
By Jennifer Gould Keil


KidZui vets Web for kids
CNET, 03.18.08
By Stefanie Olsen


KidZui: The Kid Safe Browser
TechCrunch, 3.18.08
By Mark Hendrickson


KidZui's Parent Plan Lets Children Explore In Safe Corner of Web
The Wall Street Journal, 03.20.08
By Walter S. Mossberg

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