Give your Kids the Freedom to Explore the Internet Safely

The Internet puts the world at your child’s fingertips and gives them the opportunity to explore, discover, and grow (plus have some fun along the way).

Although the Internet is a fabulous resource, it simply wasn’t built with kids in mind. Even with the best of intentions, children are still able to stumble across something inappropriate that you may be stuck trying to explain.

Perhaps your son loves watching YouTube videos but you’re concerned about the other videos that he may see. Or maybe your daughter adores online games but you don’t want her chatting with strangers while she’s playing those games. This is where KidZui comes in.

Completely Free

The K2 browser is now completely FREE to download and use, providing a safe web experience to all kids.

Safe & Easy Exploration

KidZui gives your kids the freedom to explore the Internet, have fun, and build their sense of independence.

Easy to Use

The K2 browser makes it easy for little ones to search the Internet by providing suggestions while they type and displaying images with the search results.


Safe Exploration

The KidZui K2 browser is stuffed with millions of websites, games, and videos which are all pre-screened and approved by our editorial staff, teachers, and parents like you.


Why Should You Trust KidZui?

As parents ourselves, we understand the need to feed a child’s curiosity while providing safe boundaries in which they can explore. The company was founded on the belief that the Internet should be big, fun, and safe for kids. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out what some others have to say about our award-winning browser:

Quotes from Parents

"My girls started using this at 4 and 8...LOVE this UI. Thanks for giving them an interface that makes things at THEIR level. " 

- Lorie, Mom of 2

"Thank you! My kids and I love KidZui and recommend it to many. "

- Lorianne, Mom of 2

"I never would have imagined my four year old would become computer savvy so soon. "

- Brandie, Mom of 1

"Thank you so much for your kids LOVE their KidZui and I love that they have just a little independence online. "

- Penny, Mom of 2

"The girls love it, so much easier now for them to play the games the love without me having to find all the websites for them. "

- Sarah, Mom of 2

"My son is working on a marine animal project as his final work for school and he chose the Manatee. We have found so much info we could've search for in the regular web browser, but kidzui made it so much fun and easy for my autistic boy to do on his own. Keep up the good work!!! "

- Marieva, Mom of 1

Quotes from the Press


"Have young children? You might want to check this out, particularly if they‘re taking their first steps on the Web right about now.. "

- Robin Wauters, TechCrunch

USA Today

"ZuiTube got a thumbs up from the toughest critics of all — my kids. "

- Edward C. Bai, USA Today

The Wall Street Journal

"Busy parents can simply set up KidZui and trust that their kids will be safe online. "

- Walt Mossberg, The Wall Street Journal


"What's different about KidZui is that instead of trying to create a new imaginary world for children online, it has pulled together content from the Web, ensured it's appropriate for kids, and then built an engaging environment for kids around that content. "

- Stefanie Olsen, CNET