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Your kid will be entertained for hours playing Moshi Monsters, one of the many virtual world kid’s game found within the Kidzui browser. Once a kid signs up and creates the color and style of their little Moshi Monster and names it, it’s up to them to take care of it to ensure it stays healthy and happy. Feeding and providing the Moshi Monster shelter are the most important things a kid can do to make sure it stays healthy and happy otherwise the Moshi monster may change more in to the Tasmanian devil. Every Moshi Monster has its own personality, which develops and changes as the kid plays and becomes more skilled on the different puzzles in the Moshi virtual world. Also, the more games played, the more “rox” a kid can earn. Rox is what the virtual cash is called within Moshi Monster, which a kid can use to buy things within the Moshi Virtual store. Moshi likes to have its Monster taken care of pretty frequently. This can make it very addicting for a kid. So, it’s best to have a parent monitor a kid’s frequent use of the game.